6 Secrets Your Realtor Won’t Tell About Expired Listings

6 Secrets Your Realtor Will Never Tell You


“A realtor can sell a house fast?”

That’s a very bold statement. 

Most “homeowners,” think a realtor listing is the best way to go! 

So, when the property just sits on the market and the realtor is unable to move the property…

Despite listing the property on the open market or even tons of promotions. Also, hosting time-consuming open house events…Yet, still no success at moving the property. 



After too few realtor leads, the ultimate setback happens. “You will be asked to drop the price on your listing.”

Cutting at your profits, equity and most important “precious time.” 

No matter what, time is the most valuable asset and it can’t be replaced ever. 

Your goal, in the beginning, was to sell your property fast. However, if you can’t move a property in 30 days the price point is usually just too high! 

These are things your realtor may not want you to know.

1. Expired Listings Don’t Automatically Renew

Once the listing contract expires it will need to be renewed, in order to be re-listed again.

Putting homeowners through the same hassle and this time around for less money.

After the listing is expired, it doesn’t automatically renew and the homeowner can terminate the bad contract and simply walk away! 

“Does it make sense to re-sign up for bad results a second time??”

2. Re-listing Expired Listings Can Overexpose A Property 

Consumers are picky and re-listing an expired listing even with a price drop is just like “stale” leftovers…Property is similar to food, fresh and hot still reigns supreme. 

3. Realtors List Property Way Too High Just To Get The Listing 

Often a realtor will list a property way too high in the market, just to get the homeowner to list with them.

This explains why many times properties are often listed above property value and just sit on the market. 

Which makes no sense and why so many listings are expired.

4. Reducing The Asking Price To Re-List Is Not Appealing 

Again, a price drop is not the solution to sell property in such a competitive market. 

Property is an valuable asset, setting the price correctly the first time around is the best solution to sell fast. Price reductions to re-list appears less appealing. 

5. Pocket Listings Are More Work For Realtors 

Most realtors will request that homeowners reduce their property asking price and re-list on the market again.

Pocket Listings are a better alternative, oppose to price reduction and re-listing on the market again. However, this would require more work on the realtors part to do creative marketing and promotions.

Generally, pocket listings are priced closer to true value and considerations of repair costs needed. Motivated sellers often price their properties to move faster with pocket listings and eliminate wasting time by selling quickly. 

pocket listing or hip pocket listing is a real estate industry term which is when a realtor holds a signed Listing agreement (or contract) with the seller, whether that be an “Exclusive Right to Sell” or “Exclusive Agency” agreement or contract, but where it is never advertised nor entered into a multiple listing system (MLS), or where advertising is limited for an agreed-upon period of time. 

6. Pricing A Listing Correctly In The Beginning Is Everything 

When a property listing is not priced correctly in the beginning, demand value for the property suffers.

While it’s a sellers market and supply is flourishing. Not pricing a property correctly based on true assessments can do tremendous harm to the property’s reputation.

Causing the property to just sit on the market and not being able to be sold.

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