How-To Sell My Atlanta House Fast

How-To Sell My Atlanta House Fast

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Do you own  a property in the 30318 zip code??

Would you be interested in maybe selling your property fast in this zip code?

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If you own a property that needs some repairs, now is the best time to sell!

Having lots of popular neighborhood restaurants makes it the BEST time to sell a property that needs repairs.

Here is why most property owners can’t sell a property in need of repairs….

Agents will usually try to list the property after pulling comps in the area to determine the highest price, depending on the condition of the property.

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For example, if the property needs minor work then you could take a hit on your asking price.

Generally, agents will find buyers who also need to obtain conventional financing and can take 30-60 days or more for them to close. A hefty commission is paid to the broker if the agent lists the property also at closing.

Many times buyers want a property in mint condition and look like brand new!

UREH solves this problem by coming in as a real estate investor and all CASH Buyer….We will purchase property in the 30318 area needing repairs and able to close in 15 business days!

Buying the problem properties where agents don’t focus…UREH will buy vacant homes, fixer uppers, pre-foreclosures, properties where couples are getting a divorce, probate /estate sales and even absentee owners.

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