We Buy Blight Properties In Metro Atlanta

Do you own a blight property in metro Atlanta, GA?

Great! UREH is ready to help and assist you today….

We buy blight properties located in the Metro Atlanta area in any condition.

We Buy Blight Properties In Metro Atlanta

What is a blight property?

“Blighted property” is the legal term for land that is in a dilapidated, unsafe, and unsightly condition. Each state uses different criteria to determine whether property should be classified as blighted.

Common criteria include:

  • The property is uninhabitable
  • The property is unsafe
  • The property has been abandoned for a specified time period (usually at least 1 year)
  • The property presents an imminent danger to other people or property

If you own a problem property meeting any of the above common criteria, UREH can help you today, for immediate assistance please contact UREH at (470) 362-7887.   

Why is this a problem for Metro Atlanta, GA?

Vacant homes in Atlanta are adding to the problems of costing the city between $1.6 million and $2.9 million a year in direct services.

Services include police and fire dispatch costs, code enforcement and the Department of Corrections’ Clean and Close Project, which sends inmates of the city jail to clean vacant properties and board their doors and windows which can significantly decrease neighborhood crime.

Other cities have discovered, just removing blighted houses will not increase property values or neighborhood safety. Poorly maintained vacant lots present challenges of their own, often becoming sites for illegal dumping.

The Cost of Vacant and Blighted Properties in Atlanta: A Conservative Analysis of Service and Spillover Costs

Estimates the impact of vacant homes on nearby property values. The report provides a “reasonable estimate” of a $153 million loss in single-family property values, with a “conservative estimate” of $55 million. These translate to a yearly decline in property tax revenue of between $985,000 and $2.7 million.

No real estate problem or situation is too big or small for UREH to solve. The company has the ability monthly to purchase up to $10 million in real estate transactions or more.

UREH is metro Atlanta, Georgia’s area leading real estate solutions company. The business successfully works with homeowners, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and real estate investors, buying and selling all types of residential real estate.

We buy blight properties in Metro Atlanta, GA. UREH can help you today, for immediate assistance please contact UREH at (470) 362-7887.   

P.S. If you seriously own a property in the Metro Atlanta, GA area that meets any of the “common criteria” for being a problem, the city is declaring war on you!! Don’t let this happen, hurry and sell the property soon.  Please contact UREH at (470) 362-7887.   

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