Best FSBO Rehab Tips To Sell Your House Fast

It’s easy to miss the wear and tear that happen to your house over the years. Most people only notice the mess in their houses when they are thinking of selling them and have to put them in their top shape so as to attract buyers. In today’s world, the first impression is the only impression. Buyers will be interested in your house the first weeks it hits as FSBO and you have to give your property a more attractive look so that it sells before interest grows stale. Buyers want a house they can move into immediately and are likely to look elsewhere if they realize that your house needs maintenance. Even if your house doesn’t linger for long, failure to polish and repair the house will see the buyer ask for concessions if they notice anything that’s out of place.

Best FSBO Rehab Tips


With most people preferring to sell their homes as for sale by owner, quick fixes before marketing as FSBO will obviously put more money in your pocket.However, many buyers make unnecessary repairs while trying to do the right thing and end up spending more than they should. In this section, we will discuss the important aspects that you should consider if you want to sell your house fast. We don’t have a fast rule but there are general guidelines that apply to most sellers.

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Painting is the easiest way to give your house a new look before selling the property. You can hire a professional painter to do the job for you or watch online videos and paint the house yourself. Since you don’t know who the buyer will be, try to keep the styling simple. Choose neutral and light colors which most people find appealing.
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Work on The Exterior
The exterior should look good since it’s the first place the buyer will see. Repair the fence and clean up any dirt that may have collected on your yard or outside the storage sheds. Mow the grass properly and take care of any weeds that may have grown on your lawn. You can also plant flowers to make your place feel homier.
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The Kitchen Should Come Fast
Update your kitchen before trying to sell your house, since a kitchen can break or make a sale. Everyone wants an inviting kitchen where they can cook and entertain. Install new features, replace counter-tops that are not appealing and paint where necessary. Ensure you add a stainless steel appliance to your kitchen to give it a high-end look. Renovating your kitchen eliminates the buyers negotiating points.
Best FSBO Rehab Tips For Bathroom UREH
A clean bathroom with everything working well is necessary before selling your house. Give the bathroom a new look by replacing any old or faulty appliance whether its a faucet or the toilet seat. A bathroom is an important area where the buyer will put much focus on and keeping it bright and clean will impress them.
Best FSBO Rehab Tips For Functionality UREH
Before selling your house, check to confirm that everything works as it should. From doorknobs, lights, walls, and the floors ensure everything is functional and in good shape. Everything doesn’t have to be new so as to attract buyers, just ensure that all aspects of the house are in good working order and you will sell the house at a good price.
There are other important FSBO rehab measures that might need to be addressed like a faulty heating system, a leaking roof or any other structural issue that need attention. They are not common but if you realize that your house needs these repairs, figure out how to tackle them before selling your house. Leaving the buyer to do repairs is not a smart move if you intend to make good money from the sale.

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