3 Steps to Understanding Personality Types To Sell Real Estate

Personalities do play a major role when selling real estate.

If you were to ask 10 home sellers or buyers who have all worked with the same real estate agent—delivering the exact same service—to rate the service they received, you’ll probably get a variety of different ratings. This happens because every client is unique. Fortunately, however, everyone fits into four basic personality types.

You’ve probably heard of the DISC Personality Assessment. Many real estate companies use it when making hiring decisions, but it can also be valuable in helping you size up your clients. I happen to be a high D. I prefer people to be brief and to the point, show appreciation, provide options and benefits, focus on results, and handle problems immediately.

I’m currently working with a seller who is a high S. She needs me to express genuine interest, give her a sense of support, avoid confrontation, be relational, give her time to adjust to change, be patient, and show sincere appreciation. Can you see the potential conflict? If I provide the type of service I prefer, she won’t be happy—even if she gets what she wants. When I provide the type of service preferred by a high S, she’ll feel as comfortable as when she’s in her favorite pair of pajamas.

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